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still looking for takers

Oit, JC is giving you an opportunity here! XD

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RUKI- King of androgynous sexiness

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This band was called A…

Jrock wants info on the band members! Where are they now? Facts?

Information alert for: Centre member, bottom right member

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» What are your favourite visual kei indie bands?
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It's difficult picking my absolute favorite j-rock pairing since it varies a lot... but lately it's been Asagi x Tsunehito from D. I really like their chemistry and how Tsunehito fits so nicely in Asagi's arms

This is so sweet!

spoilers about beauty under the skin would be nice! about the ending > i would be dissappointed with hitsu x haru ending (and also if this chapter is the final oder pre final...)

This story is far from over! Please message in out of anon so we can privately talk :) Thank you!!!

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NOTE: This Gazette fanfic is the first mpreg ever attempted by JrockSpam. This fic may not be for you. This fic has been uncomfortable to write but full effort has been put in. The whole thing is taken very seriously. Or as seriously as something impossible can be taken

Syn: Ruki was born with a rare form of Hermaphroditus giving him the ability to produce offspring as either gender. Sadly, Ruki learns the hard way that the doctors weren’t always right- and he didn’t even get to tell Kai! But now Ruki is pregnant and he’s determined to do everything right. But things never go his way, so why would they this time

Pairing: KaiXRuki, ReitaXRuki

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Message in and tell us! Give us a reason why!

Why? Fun. Fangirl/fanboy to us about it. 

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» Reading our fanfic BEAUTY UNDER THE SKIN?

Brave enough to handle some spoilers? If so, message in! You can help choose the story’s final end…

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» When someone calls my favourite jrocker ‘gay’ -



Still standing by this!

Yeeees i do enjoy it! It's perfectly written and i love how you are writing ruki, expecially when he was kihiri. It is soooo great! Please keep writing it like forever hahaha ♥

Thank you! The next chapter is half written :3

When will you update 'beauty under the skin'? :c

As soon as possible! Are you enjoying it? :)

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