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1. cosmoshiki

2. teruki-nyapp…

3. shinphoenixu…

4. suzukiserena…

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» Who is better? SCREW or BugLug?

Comment your opinions!

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We are going to attempt to make a Jrock News video. Due to my computer, it may not be up for several hours BUT I hope you look forward to it 

Love, Velle

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» Jrock news coming up!
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» Afternoon JFans!

And Good Morning, Good night to those outside of England!

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i liked your response to that rude person

Haha. I think I may have been a bit too harsh…

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- Used to have a beard
- As a teen, he died his hair green… Sadly his father made him shave his head
- Bunked school a lot
- Was popular at school due to his good looks
- Loves Kiyoharu
- In his old band he was ‘the girl’. He apparently acted like one and dressed like one
- Ruki thinks people who…

I love how all these fangirls believe every single thing Ruki says and their whole lives revolve around him, like “omg Ruki can’t lie, I’m so in love with him” and “having facial hair” doesn’t mean you have a beard, I doubt Ruki can even grow one and haha his looks would not be popular in a Japanese school, I doubt even half of these are true

Excuse me but I am not a fan. They ask for me to research facts and I did so.

I simple wrote what I read.

How rude

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can i request a golden bomber spam ?

Of course you can. Coming up!

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Calling them BAD won’t make you GOOD

Calling them FAKE won’t make you REAL

Calling them DUMB wont make you SMART

Calling them WEAK won’t make you STRONG

Calling them UGLY won’t make you BEAUTIFUL

Calling them MEAN won’t make you NICE

Calling them GAY won’t make you STRAIGHT

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